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We produce AAV vectors in human embryonic kidney HEK293 cells through three plasmid transfection method, in which one plasmid carried the AAV rep/cap genes, a second the adenovirus helper genes, and a third the gene of interest flanked with two AAV ITRs.

Our production scale starts from 1E+12 vg to 1E+15 vg, titer per qPCR results. Current timeline will be 3-4 weeks. Simply provide us 20 ug plasmid DNA, the vector map, and sequence for your plasmid to start the customized HEK293 production.

Alternatively, see here for AAV production in Virovek’s proprietory sf9 cells under serum-free condition through recombinant baculovirus infection.

Please inquire us for your custom project needs.

HEK293 (Custom) 1.00E+12 Viral Genome $400.00Crude Lysate (In Vitro)
HEK293 (Custom) 5.00E+12 Viral Genome $1,200.00Crude Lysate (In Vitro)
HEK293 (Custom) 1.00E+13 Viral Genome $1,950.00Crude Lysate (In Vitro)

HEK293 (Custom) 1.00E+12 Viral Genome $850.00Purified AAV (In Vivo)
HEK293 (Custom) 5.00E+12 Viral Genome $1,810.00Purified AAV (In Vivo)
HEK293 (Custom) 1.00E+13 Viral Genome $2,880.00Purified AAV (In Vivo)

Other titer points up to 2.00E+14 VG On RequestInquire us for details