Custom Lentivirus

Virovek offers lentivirus packaging services from 1E+8 TU to 1E+12 TU scales. To further
satisfy gene delivery needs, we also offer custom lentiviral cloning and endotoxin-free
maxiprep DNA purification services.

Send us your plasmid with the insert and indicate your packaging scale. We will clone it into the lentiviral plasmid, prepare endotoxin-free maxiprep plasmid DNA, and transfect into HEK293 cells in suspension culture. Your lentiviral particles will be ready in just 2-3 weeks.

We use qualified assays to measure viral titer for all lentivirus packaging services. Titer is performed using RT-qPCR with primers targeting the long-inverted terminal repeat (LTR) present in the viral genome and quantified by comparison to a standard curve of a plasmid sample of known concentration. Lentiviral vector purity is verified by SDS-PAGE and Simply Blue Staining For our lentivirus packaging services, the lentivirus particles are purified using sucrose cushion ultracentrifugation to ensure safe use in vivo. Viral titer is then determined using RT-qPCR with primers to the long-inverted terminal repeats (LTRs) present in the viral genome. The viral particles are then shipped overnight and can be used immediately for in vitro or in vivo research.