Tailor Made. High Titer.
Economically Priced.

Custom AAV

Easily tailor-make your AAV. We design and package a variety of AAV serotypes serving your specific research needs.

Simply choose your serotype, production scale, and optional a la cartes, and your high-titer 1E+13vg to 1E+17vg scale AAV products will be ready in as little as 6 weeks! 

Standard custom-made AAV production includes serotype packaging, processing, purification, and titration. For more information about tropism of the AAV serotype, click below.

AAV Creator

Prices vary based on selection

With our Sf9 AAV production system, we guarantee to deliver at least the amount of virus (VG = vector genome, or vector genome copy, equivalent to GC) you ordered. All AAV vectors will be purified and ready for animal injections. Typical AAV titers range between 2 – 2.5e+13vg/ml.

Volumes provided is dependent on the scale size ordered and exact final AAV titer, but typically at:

  • 1e+13vg scale: 0.5ml
  • >1e+13vg scale: >0.5ml

Inquire us for:

  • Special titer needs
  • Customer engineered capsids
  • Lysate and Cell pellet

GLP pricing includes Good Laboratory Practices compliant documentation. Inquire us for prices on GLP projects initiating from Cloning stage or Recombinant Baculovirus (rBV) stage.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Aliquots (100ul or less)
$0.00, 0-20 vials split, complimentary
$160.00, 21-50 vials split
$150.00, Each additional 50 vials split, rounded to the next 50

Gene Synthesis
$0.38/Per base pair, waived if customer provides plasmids

Leftover Storage
$50.00/Each 5ml. Leftover storage in -80 degree Celsius, up to 12 months