The World’s Most Efficient Large Scale AAV Production

1E+13 to 1E+17vg custom adeno-associated virus.
Ready in 6+ weeks. Made in Texas.

Now Providing Lentivirus and Adenovirus Packaging Services

1E+8 to 1E+12 TU custom lentivirus and adenovirus. Ready in just 2-3 weeks.

AAV Quality Control Service

Delivering precision in gene therapy research. Available in AAV capsid, full/empty, aggregation measurement

GLP Production

Plasmid DNA, bacmid constructs, rBVs, and rAAVs, all manufactured to the FDA’s GLP principles.

Custom & Pre-Made AAVs

Custom AAV: up to 1E+17vg/ml, starting at $3500

Premade AAV: each 100ul starting at $295

AAVs in HEK293

From 1E+12 vg to 1E+15 vg. Ready in 3-4 weeks

Custom AAVs starting at $400


The World’s Most Efficient Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing System

Virovek’s patented BAC-TO-AAV technology has the capability of generating over 1E+16vg of adeno-associated virus in a single run. Learn more about our technology platform and explore a wide range of applications.

All AAV-Related Specialties and Services

Custom AAV

Vector production service from 1E+13vg to 1E+17vg scale in 6+ weeks

Pre-Made AAV

Off-the shelf, immediate dispatchment, approx. default titer of 2E+13vg


Custom AAVs in HEK293 system, from 1E+12vg to 1E+15vg


30ug starting at $350


DNA generation and pre-made bacmids with optional large-scale purification


Lentivirus packaging from 1E+8 TU to 1E+12 TU

Recombinant Baculovirus

To infect Sf9 insect cells as an intermediate step in AAV production

Gene Cloning

Single-step or complex cloning strategies tailored to your needs

Quality Control Assays

A wide selection of QC assays for your AAV products