Shipping & Handling

We ship worldwide. Shipping and handling fees apply.

To avoid weekend delays, we only ship domestic orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

For more information see How To Order.

Shipping Services

ITEM and shipping/handling Prices vary based on selection

Domestic (within continental U.S.A.) $120.00/unitIce Pack
$150.00/unitDry Ice

International (outside continental U.S.A.) $350.00/unitIce Pack
$450.00/unitDry Ice

Customer's shipping account $50.00/unitIce Pack, Materials
$200.00/unitDry Ice, Materials

International All-inclusive TBD/$2,000.00+Dry ice packaging and
application of import permits
at destination country, subject
to approval


Our products are Genetically Modified Micro-Organisms AAV. For all international shipments, it is customer’s primary responsibility to clear importing permits and taxes with the governing agencies at destination. Virovek prefers to ship on customer’s shipping account. We reserve the right to seek reimbursement on taxes/permits levied and additional processing fees from the customer, should shipments be sent through Virovek’s shipping account.