Quality Control Assays

Choose from our list of quality control assays, either running qPCR titration and SDS-PAGE for your AAV samples (provided by customer), or as add-ons to your AAV production project.

Virovek’s regular AAV production process includes complimentary qPCR titration and SDS-PAGE, as a part of standard quality assurance procedure.

Specialties and Add-ons

Endotoxin Assay $275.00/unit

Full & Empty Assay$400.00/unitwith report

Host Cell Genomic DNA $125.00/unit
Contamination Assay

MOI Optimization $2,500.00/unit5 points

qPCR $125.00/unitadditional qPCR on GOI or ITR, for each AAV sample

SDS-PAGE $50.00/unit

DNA Agrose Gel $50.00/unit

AAV Aggregation Assay$150.00/uniteach titer point; with report

DNA Alkaline Gel $100.00/unitfor each AAV sample

Residual Baculovirus Contamination Assay $125.00/unit

TCID50 $2500.00/unittesting the infectivity of live AAV virus particles