Recombinant Baculovirus

We use baculovirus to infect Sf9 insect cells as an intermediate step that allows us to produce AAV.

Inquire us for Wild type selection and Plaque purification in conjunction with AAV production.

Optional GLP-compliant baculorivus production available upon request, includes:

  • Phase I: Fresh transfection rBV, Plaque Assay
  • Phase II: 6 AAVs with infectivity testings
  • Phase III: Amplification of best rBV and Seed stock 1200ml


Specialties and Add-ons

Baculovirus generation and titration (no AAV) $2,495.00100 ml at 1E+7 IU/ml, quantity at 1E+9 pfu
$3,495.00100 ml at 1E+8 IU/ml, quantity at 1E+10 pfu

rBV plaque purification (basic) $2,000.00No rBV or AAV purchasing; 6 plaques selected, each plaque
50 ml AAV production optimization; testing run

rBV plaque purification (6 clones) $9,000.006 clones verification with 6 AAV production; select 2 rBV-GOIs
and 200ml AAV production; include plaque purification

Bacmid Purification $50.00In-house use, multiple plasmids Blue/White selection
$350.0030ug DNA deliver to customer

From Plaque Purification: purchase 1 clone $2,495.00Passage 1 amplify, 10 ml
$4,495.00Passage 2 amplify, 200 ml

From Plaque Purification: additional clones $1,495.00Passage 1 amplify, 10 ml
$2,495.00Passage 2 amplify, 200 ml