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World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2019

A banner indicating that conference guests may visit Virovek at Stand 33 on May 15th - 17th at the Business Design Centre, in London.

Virovek will be attending the World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress held in London this May. Dr. Haifeng Chen will discuss Virovek’s serum-free BAC-to-AAV technology and its advantages in creating AAV vectors, as well as the newly developed Three Phase Partitioning (TPP) method for AAV Purification.

If you are interested in attending, please register by April 26th. More information can be found on the event website. We will be tabling at Stand 33, so stop by and say hi if you have the chance!

Vigene Biosciences Announces Partnership With Virovek to Make High-Yield cGMP AAV Production Technology Accessible and Affordable

Please follow the link for the news release.

rAAV2-retro Vector Production Service

We are glad to announce that Virovek will provide rAAV2-retro vector production services to the research community. The newly designed rAAV2-retro permits robust retrograde access to projection neurons with efficiency comparable to classical synthetic retrograde tracers and enables sufficient sensor/effector expression for functional circuit interrogation and in vivo genome editing in targeted neuronal populations (Neuron. 2016 Oct 19;92(2):372-382. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2016.09.021. Epub 2016 Oct 6). Please contact us for details.

Large-Scale GLP Manufacturing of AAV Vectors for Pre-clinical Studies

We are glad to announce that we have added GLP-grade custom AAV manufacturing to our services. We provide our customers from 1×10^13 to 3×10^16 vector gene copies (vg) of GLP-grade custom AAV vectors accompanied with GLP documentations. Please contact us for a quote.

Technology Licensing Opportunity

Virovek has developed the world’s most robust and efficient large-scale AAV vector production platform [US Patent No. 8,945,918 B2 (issued February 3, 2015)]. This production technology has been further developed to produce at normal levels of AAV vectors carrying toxic genes for cancer therapy [US Patent No. 9,175,312 B2 (issued November 3, 2015)].

There is no longer a bottleneck in AAV production whether the AAV carries a non-toxic or a toxic gene as a result of our proprietary technologies. Combining the multi-fold scientific development and processing advancements in the field of gene therapy with Virovek’s scalable AAV production system, using AAV as a therapeutic vehicle for a broad range of diseases is now a reality.

Please contact us for a non-exclusive licensing opportunity.

About Virovek, Inc.

Virovek is an adeno-associated virus (AAV) production and protein expression services company. With our unique and proprietary technologies, we provide our customers with:

  • Custom-made AAV vector production service from 1E+13vg scale to 3E+16vg scale. We have the world’s most powerful and efficient AAV vector production platform
  • Toxin-based cell ablation technology using AAV vectors as the delivery vehicle. This is the world’s first and only AAV-toxin vector production platform
  • Hard-to-refold protein expression and purification services using the bacterial expression system or the eukaryotic baculovirus expression system