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Quality Control Assays

Virovek offers a selection of quality control assays that you may select for your AAV products.

Please note that our regular AAV Production process automatically includes qPCR Titration and SDS-PAGE for each project free of charge, as a part of our standard quality assurance procedure. You may choose to add more assays below to your project if you so desire.

Alternatively, if you have your own set of AAV samples you would like to run qPCR and SDS-PAGE on, you can mail them to us, and we can provide the results of those assays to you at the costs listed below.

Pricing is as follows:

Name of AssayPrice for First SamplePrice per Additional Sample
Endotoxin Assay$350$80/each
Host Cell Genomic DNA Contamination Assay$250$50/each
MOI Optimization$2500$2500/each
Bac Plaque Purification$1500$1500/each
qPCR Titration (for separate preps)$250$50/each
SDS-PAGE (for separate preps)$50$50/each

These QC assays are now available for you to select in our automated quote generator portal.