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Technology Licensing Opportunity

Virovek has developed the world’s most robust and efficient large-scale AAV vector production platform [US Patent No. 8,945,918 B2 (issued February 3, 2015)]. This production technology has been further developed to produce at normal levels of AAV vectors carrying toxic genes for cancer therapy [US Patent No. 9,175,312 B2 (issued November 3, 2015)].

There is no longer a bottleneck in AAV production whether the AAV carries a non-toxic or a toxic gene as a result of our proprietary technologies. Combining the multi-fold scientific development and processing advancements in the field of gene therapy with Virovek’s scalable AAV production system, using AAV as a therapeutic vehicle for a broad range of diseases is now a reality.

Please contact us for a non-exclusive licensing opportunity.

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