Quality Control Assays

Virovek offers a selection of quality control assays that you may select for your AAV products. More

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Gene Cloning Services

Virovek offers gene cloning services for your needs! To get started, the customer will provide us with the plasmid containing the target gene or the GenBank number/sequence file of the target gene, as well as the destination plasmid where the desired gene will go. We will design a strategy to clone the target gene into the destination plasmid, and verify the resulting construct through restriction enzyme digestion and exact sequence analysis. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report describing the cloning process, the miniprep DNA of the plasmid, and the agarose gel image showing restriction verification of your plasmid. The information you provide to Virovek will be kept absolutely confidential and will be used strictly for your project only.

Time Required & Service Fees

Single-Step Cloning Strategies: If your project simply requires excision of the gene of interest (GOI) and insertion into the destination plasmid, the cloning process should take ~ 1-2 weeks. Our cost is $395 per gene construct.

More Complex Cloning Strategies: If your project is more complex, the time estimate until completion will vary. Complex projects include the ligation of 3+ pieces of DNA, and insertion of fusion proteins or linkers. We charge $250 for each additional cloning step required per construct.

If you opt to proceed with Virovek’s AAV Production Services for your cloned construct, we will waive the cost of gene cloning for you! Please see our Custom-Made AAVs page for pricing for complete AAV Production.

Plasmid Construction Services

If you do not have a plasmid containing your target gene, we can handle the plasmid construction process for you. We will have the target gene synthesized from a CRO and bill you the exact charge before proceeding with sequence verification and gene cloning.

Do you have more specific requests for your project? Email us for a quote today!