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Gene Cloning Services


Plasmid Construction/Gene Cloning Services

Virovek provides plasmid construction and gene cloning services. The customer will provide us with the plasmid containing the target gene or the GenBank number (or sequence file) of the target gene. The customer will also provide the destination plasmid. We will design the strategy and clone the target gene into the destination plasmid, and verify the resulting construct through restriction digest and sequence analysis.

You will receive a detailed report describing the cloning process, the miniprep DNA of the plasmid, as well as an agarose gel image showing restriction verification of your plasmid.

The information you provide to Virovek will be kept absolutely confidential and will be used strictly for your project only.

Time Required: ~ 1-2 weeks.


Service Fees:

$695 per construct for single-step cloning

$250 per additional cloning step

If you do not have a plasmid containing your target gene, we will have the target gene synthesized from a CRO and bill you the exact charge.

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