Promotions & Discounts

Special offer for all academic and non-profit organizations on Virovek's custom-made AAV vectors. More



Free Pre-Made AAV CONTROL Vectors for New Customers

Unfortunately, our promotional period for free control vectors has ended. Stay tuned for more updates!


Special Discounts for Academic and Non-Profit Institutions

For all academic and non-profit organizations, Virovek is offering a discount on all custom-made AAV vectors.

The regular cost for a custom-made AAV vector at 1E+13vg production scale is $4,950. We are offering all academic and non-profit researchers a discounted price of $2,500 per 1E+13vg scale AAV vector prep.

If you would like to discuss discounts for larger custom AAV production scales that are not already listed on our website, please contact us and we will work with you to determine a price for your needs!