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  • Free 2 x 100ul aliquots of Virovek's AAV control vectors for all new customers! More

  • Special offer for all academic and non-profit organizations on Virovek's custom-made AAV vectors. More

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    Free Pre-Made AAV CONTROL Vectors for New Customers

    Virovek is providing a one-time, free samples of our pre-made AAV control vectors for all new customers. This offers applies to research investigators from companies, non-profit organizations, and academic labs.

    We will send you up to two (2) x 100ul of pre-made AAV control vector preps of at least 1E+12vg for your testing and research purposes.

    The customer will be responsible for paying the dry ice shipping & packaging costs.

    Please contact us and we will provide you with an updated list of all available pre-made AAV control vectors. We can also conduct an inventory search for you on other available pre-made AAV vectors that may contain your particular gene(s) of interest.


    Special Discounts for Academic and Non-Profit Institutions

    For all academic and non-profit organizations, Virovek is offering a discount on all custom-made AAV vectors.

    The regular cost for a custom-made AAV vector at 1E+13vg production scale is $4,950. We are offering all academic and non-profit researchers a discounted price of $2,500 per 1E+13vg scale AAV vector prep.

    Please contact us for discounted pricing of our larger AAV production scales.