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    How To OrderTo place an order, please contact us via either email or telephone (510) 887-7121.Our team will work closely with you to ensure we clearly understand your needs. We will provide feedback, based on our experience and expertise, and generate a quote and a working timeline for your order.
    Payments: We accept all major credit cards, purchase orders (POs) from your institution or company, or direct wire transfers for international customers. Our payment terms are net 30 days.Shipping: All shipping & packaging fees will be included in the quote and prepaid and added to the invoice. Unless specifically requested, all products are shipped on dry ice via UPS or FedEx.
    Important Note: Although provided in a highly purified form, our AAV vectors or purified proteins are not intended for clinical diagnosis or drug use. They are for research purposes only. Any AAV vector/protein produced by Virovek does not imply the absence of a patent covering its use, does not constitute license under any existing or pending patents, nor is it intended or implied as a recommendation for the use of such vectors in infringement of any patent. The responsibility for determining the existence of such patents rests solely with the user.

    AAV Vector Production Service

    Item AAV Vector Production Scale Estimated Time Required Price1, 2, 3
    Custom-made 1E+13 vg 5~6 weeks $4,950
    Custom-made 2E+13 vg 5~6 weeks $7,450
    Custom-made 3E+13 vg 5~6 weeks $9,550
    Custom-made 4E+13 vg 5~6 weeks $11,750
    Custom-made 5E+13 vg 5~6 weeks $13,950
    Custom-made 1E+14 vg 5~6 weeks $19,950
    Custom-made 2E+14 vg 5~6 weeks $29,950
    Custom-made 5E+14 vg 5~6 weeks $59,950
    Custom-made >1E+15 vg 6 ~7 weeks >$119,900