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  • Cell Ablation Technology


    Virovek’s Proprietary Toxin-Based Cell Ablation Technology

    Virovek has developed the world’s first and only manufacturing system to produce viral vectors harboring toxin genes. This proprietary technology also utilizes the same baculovirus expression system to produce AAV vectors in insect cells under serum-free condition.

    The toxin genes are deactivated during the production process, and only reactivated once the AAV-toxin vectors are produced. Using promoter-specific and/or capsid-specific AAV vectors harboring toxin genes, this cell ablation technology is able to hone in on and destroy specific subsets of cells within a larger tissue sample or organ. As a result, this toxin-based cell ablation technology can be used to study the functionality of particular types of cells, as well as for therapeutic purposes by targeting diseased cells.

    We have successfully demonstrated the cancer cell killing effects of these AAV-toxin vectors in vitro. In vivo testings of these AAV-toxin vectors in different animal cancer models are now underway.


    Available for Licensing

    Please contact us for licensing opportunities, or if you would like to learn more about this technology.