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AAV Production Technology


Virovek’s Proprietary AAV Production Technology

Virovek has developed a proprietary BAC-to-AAV technology that utilizes the baculovirus expression system to produce AAV vectors in insect cells under serum-free condition. Our AAV vectors have been proven to infect and transduce a myriad of mammalian cell lines in vitro and a broad range of cell types in vivo.

Our AAV technology is recognized as the world’s most powerful and efficient AAV production platform. We have the capability to generate over 1E+16vg of AAV vectors with a single production run, which is unmatched by any other AAV production system.

Since 2006, we have established a growing list of partnerships in both academia and industry.


Three Key Steps to Generating Your Custom-Made AAV Vector

1) Sub-clone your gene of interest (GOI) into Virovek’s AAV shuttle vector

We will design the best cloning strategy, sub-clone your GOI into our AAV shuttle vector, and perform sequence analysis to verify the integrity of your GOI.

2) Generate baculovirus containing your GOI

We will then generate bacmid DNA containing your GOI, purify the bacmid DNA, transfect Sf9 insect cells to produce recombinant bacuvlovirus containing your GOI, and then amplify the recombinant baculovirus.

3) Produce AAV vectors containing your GOI

Finally, we will double infect Sf9 cells using the amplified recombinant baculovirus containing your GOI and another recombinant baculovirus containing the Rep-Cap genes of your choice to produce recombinant AAV vectors containing your GOI, purify the recombinant AAV vectors, perform qPCR to determine the viral titer SDS-PAGE to verify the purity of AAV vectors.


Our AAV Production Timeline

The whole AAV production process takes approximately 5-6 weeks to complete (see table below for timeline).

Steps Description Estimated time required
1 Cloning gene of interest (GOI) into Virovek’s AAV shuttle plasmid 1~2 weeks
2 Generation of Bacmid and purification of Bacmid DNA 4 days
3 Transfection of Sf9 cells to generate baculovirus 4 days
4 Amplification of baculovirus and titration 3 days
5 Production of AAV and CsCl purification 1 week
6 Desalting, filter sterilization, and AAV titration 2 days


Non-Exclusive Licensing

Please contact us for non-exclusive licensing opportunities, or if you would like to learn more about this technology.