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Intermediate Products

Interested in handling rBV generation or AAV Purification on your own? Due to popular demand, Virovek now sells intermediates from all points in our AAV Production process.

We offer Gene Cloning Services and can send customers their successfully cloned plasmid in our pFastBac backbone free of charge at the volume of 20 uL and the concentration of 4 ng/uL. A larger amount of 30 ug is available for purchase at the price of $350.

We will clone your plasmid into Virovek’s pFB shuttle plasmid, then generate recombinant bacmid DNA and purify it for delivery. This DNA product will allow Baculovirus to generate your gene of interest.

Generation of Bacmid DNA: $695
Preparation of 10 vials of glycerol stocks: $200
Large Scale Purification of Bacmid DNA with yield of 0.5-1.0 mg: $2500

We use Baculovirus to infect Sf9 insect cells as an intermediate step that allows us to produce AAV.
Scale of 1E9 pfu: $1,495
Scale of 1E10 pfu: $2,950

Unpurified AAV Lysate
We purify our AAV Products using two rounds of ultracentrifugation with Cesium Chloride. If you would like to forgo this process and buy raw unpurified AAV lysate, the cost will be 50% the price of the purified AAV offered at the relevant production scale in vg. For example, if you purchase a purified AAV prep at the scale of 1E+13 vg for $4,950, the price for unpurified lysate would be $2,475.

Lot-Specific Empty Capsids
Our ultracentrifugation process provides virtually complete separation between full and empty capsids on the basis of density in our centrifuge columns. If you’d like to purchase our empty capsids from your specific lot in addition to the full capsids, the cost is $750 per lot.

If any item listed above is not available in our quote generator, please email for more information.