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  • Custom-Made AAVs


    Virovek has the capacity to produce custom-made AAV vectors from 1E+13vg scale to >3E+16vg scale within a single production run. Our AAV production capability is unrivaled by any other AAV technology, and gives us the unique ability to generate multiple large-scale AAV vector lots simultaneously.


    Capability to Produce A Broad Range of Different AAV Vectors

    Virovek has designed and packaged many different types of custom-made AAV vectors to serve a variety of purposes for different research aims. Here is a partial and growing list of the different types of AAV vectors we have produced with high titer and strong expression:

    – Single promoter expression cassettes
    – Dual promoter expression cassettes
    – Expression cassettes carrying toxin genes
    – shRNA cassettes with reporter gene
    – siRNA cassettes with reporter gene
    – microRNA cassettes with reporter gene
    – IRES expression cassettes
    – P2A expression cassettes
    – Cre-LoxP cassettes
    – Double-floxed inverted orientation (DIO)
    and Flip excision (FLEX) cassettes


    Flexibility to Package into Different AAV Serotypes

    Our proprietary AAV production platform allows us to package your specific expression cassette in your AAV serotype of choice. If we do not have your particular AAV serotype available, our production platform has the flexibility to sub-clone your desired capsid sequence into our system.


    High Titers and Ready for Animal Injections

    Each customized AAV prep we produce will be purified and ready for animal injection. Our typical titers range between 2-2.5E+13vg/mL, and we have the ability to provide even higher concentrated AAV preps.


    Materials Needed to Initiate Project

    Virovek has a streamlined production process to ensure your custom-made AAV vectors are delivered to you in a timely manner.

    We will need you to provide the following:

    a) Plasmid DNA containing your gene of interest (GOI), or GenBank number of your GOI
    [If gene synthesized is needed, we will ask a third-party CMO to perform this service]
    b) Annotated sequence file and/or map of your GOI
    c) AAV serotype used for packaging
    d) Production scale size


    Consultation and Design

    Our team will work with you to ensure we understand your needs clearly. If you have any questions about what serotype to use, what promoter(s) to include to drive the expression of your GOI, as well as how to most effectively construct your cassette for AAV packaging, we will make the best recommendations based on our experience and expertise.


    Please contact us for questions regarding our custom-made AAV vector production service, or if you want to receive a FREE pre-made AAV control vector for testing purposes.